Q: Do I need to speak the language?

A: No. The professionals with whom we interact are conversational, if not fluent, in English.

Q: I'm not in college (in high school or a graduate). May I still apply?

A: Yes. We build teams according to experience levels. While the vast majority of our Fellows are undergraduate students, we also entertain high school students and graduates.

Why Madrid?

A: We are in the process of expanding our locations, but began with Madrid because of its status as both a hub of business and highly attractive destination. 

Q: What is housing like?

A: Students can expect clean, safe, and central housing. Typically, our students stay in accommodations such as Mi Casa Inn, and can expect one roommate, their own bed, and a shared kitchen and recreational space, as well as that the other Fellows and Site Manager will also be in the housing.

Q: When's the deadline?

A: Admissions are conducted on a rolling basis, meaning that the deadlines vary by time of year, the specific program to which the candidate is applying, and how full is each particular Fellowship.

Q: How competitive is the Fellowship?

A: Beacon Fellows are selected based on a comprehensive evaluation of their academic performance, previous experience, professionalism, and career interests and intent. 

Q: Does the project lead to a full-time or internship offer?

A: We cannot guarantee future employment of any kind. However, at the client's discretion, 2 in 3 Fellows in the past have been offered internship/continued work opportunities. 

Q: I'm concerned about the cost. How can I afford the program?

A: Finances are a reality with which we all grapple. We understand that, and have therefore developed an expertise in aiding students to meet the fees. Accepted candidates receive personalized help, but you can start with the Fundraising Packet, below:

Q: Why do firms want students to consult?

A: We don't charge our clients for our services. Thus, clients have no risk, and only high potential gain. Led by an experienced consultant, our Fellows invariably create immense value.

Q: What if my GPA is below average?

A: We evaluate candidates comprehensively. A weakness in one area may be overcome by strengths in other areas.

Q: Why should I go on the Beacon Fellowship instead of other internships?

A: The vast majority of internships allow their interns to do little more than be in-office, sit in on some meetings, and do some simple work that, if messed up, won't cause any serious wrinkles.

If you're looking for just any internship, or don't care seriously about the impact of the work you do, we suggest you look elsewhere. The Beacon Fellowship is for those who want to do more with their summers.

Q: How do I apply?

A: Begin the application process by visiting our Apply page (also found in the top-right of this site), and completing the Application Request form. 

Q: What Visa do I need?

A: U.S. citizens enjoy a 90-Day travel privilege within Madrid. Therefore, no Visa is required. For non-U.S. citizens, Visas may be required. 

Q: What will be the client/project?

A: We consult for Commercial, Goverment, or Non-Profit/NGO clients. The specific project will vary by Fellowship, but all consulting is done at client-site.

Q: What if I have conflicts with the dates?

A: Our team works with Fellows to work around schedules, and, if need be, Fellows may defer to later dates.

Q: I want to work in a specialized are. Can I work on that during the project?

A: Projects are broadly strategic, which necessitates a multi-faceted approach. Our Project Managers work closely with each of the Fellows to identify the areas in which their expertise and interests can best be leveraged. 

Q: Do I get to pick my project?

A: Projects are determined in advance according to each Fellowship and location. Candidates may choose which project they would work on by applying to specific programs with specific projects.