98% of our Fellows say they would recommend Beacon to a friend.

Alumni Highlights: From Beacon to top Internships

Emma May, Summer 2018 Fellow

Emma M. | Colorado School of Mines | ‘18 Beacon Fellow | ‘19 McKinsey Intern

“[Beacon] gave me really valuable experience to add to my resume...and helped get me in the door to McKinsey. Having already had experience working in consulting and knowing that I already enjoyed it gave me a leg up. I have just accepted an internship offer with McKinsey and Company for the summer. I am so excited for this opportunity and am very grateful that Beacon gave me the gateway to this field!”

Carlos A. | Georgetown University | ‘18 Beacon Fellow | ‘19 McKinsey Intern (also offered BCG internship)

“The Beacon experience in Madrid last summer gave me the chance to work with a startup and provide real value. Working with a team of peers, I was able to learn and develop my skills and try out the consulting experience. With the skills I developed through this experience and having thoroughly enjoyed the work, I went through the recruiting process and will be interning for a top consulting firm next summer.”


Blake B. | University of Southern California | ‘18 Beacon Fellow | ‘19 PWC Technology Consulting Intern

“I cannot even begin to explain how impactful and memorable my time at Beacon was. Beacon allowed me to work in a dynamic, autonomous environment where I was able to perform real-world consulting work for a European company....It has been amazing to see how the company has been implementing our recommendations and seeing success because of our work. Beacon has been the only [consulting opportunity] where I walked away feeling like I really made a difference...and I received an offer for a consulting firm only months after my fellowship.”

Additional Reviews from Past Fellows

Michelle Bowers.PNG

Michelle B. | Western Michigan University | ‘19 Beacon Fellow

“I had such a great experience with Beacon. I was lucky enough to have the greatest cohort, project lead, and site managers all while being in one of the most amazing cities in the world! I learned so much about proper research, working with a large group, and learning what consulting is. I loved the work we did for the ICBSA Italia, and hope to see them thrive in their industry; hopefully with the help of some of our suggestions. After Beacon, I secured a position at a private law firm in which my employer was most impressed with my work of marketing and finance solutions that I had done with Beacon. I would recommend the Beacon Fellowship to anyone who wants to get a real-life working experience while looking for an internship. It is so much more than a traditional summer internship; there's no busy work and no getting coffee for others.”


Bernardo C. | Pennsylvania State University | ‘19 Beacon Fellow

“The Beacon Fellowship offered a very experienced Project Lead who served as a mentor and guide for us. The Project Lead is a huge benefit, but the real-world project was too. We got to actually do an entire project for a start-up. That’s huge - not many people can say they did an entire project during an internship.”


Anastacia C. | Northwestern University | ‘19 Beacon Fellow

“From my experience, it is very difficult to find internships the summer after your freshman year of college. I remember heavily researching different summer opportunities over a two month period just to find out that none of them offered positions to freshmen. For this reason, I highly recommend undergraduate students completing their freshman year to do the Beacon Fellowship. It is a wonderful opportunity to have as your first consulting experience because the project leads set high expectations but also work side-by-side with you to make sure you surpass them.”


Victoria L. | wake forest University | ‘19 Beacon Fellow

“This Fellowship provides participants with the possibility to get hands-on consulting experience that teaches useful, real-world skills. Not only do Fellows get the chance to consult for a client, but the recommendations made to the clients are taken as real and valuable information, and often implemented. Not many other opportunities enable the growth in skillset and real-world experience as this Fellowship.”


Ben B. | Washington and Lee University

“Unlike my previous internships, my work was highly dynamic and complex. I was given autonomy and significant responsibility. Through receiving oversight from former Bain/McKinsey consultants, I developed a more diverse skill set.”


Margaret Y. | Thomas Aquinas College

“My teammates were driven, they were competent, and they helped me to become the best professional version of myself.”


Jefferson R. | Rice University

“The work I did was real, substantive consulting work...we were able to be mentored by our project managers, who had all worked consulting jobs for prestigious firms in the past. They were an ever-present resource and more than happy to share their experiences and inside tips with us. Overall, I would definitely recommend for anyone thinking of getting into consulting or wishing to learn the skills that are transferable into many other fields.”


Evelyn D. | Harvard College

“Beacon offered hands-on exposure to consulting by having Fellows work on actual objectives for the client. The McKinsey Project Lead was more than happy to offer advice on recruiting and on project-related content. Working on a team with Fellows from a diversity of backgrounds and majors was a great network and resource.”


Cameron H. | College of William & Mary | ‘19 Beacon Fellow

“I learned more in a month with my Project Lead than a year of taking consulting classes at college, and I know the skills I learned will transfer to whatever career path I choose.”


Jessica R. | University of the Cumberlands

“Being on site with the client every day, my team and I had full access to all the materials we needed, and we were able to learn so much more about the industry. The best part of the fellowship are the connections I have made. They are some of the most wonderful well-rounded people I have met, and we continually call each other not just for social talk, but also for help with business related things.”

DSC_0689 - Copy.JPG

Chad V. | Luther College

“I was able to have much more of an impact in the work we did and learned through actions rather than directions...my experience at Beacon helped me immensely to develop transferable skills in working with clients, creative problem solving, and being a team member.”

amanda achtman beacon fellow.jpg

Amanda A. | St. Mary’s University College

“...my abilities were taken seriously, and I was able to have the significant impact I always thought I could have.”


Grant B. | Stevens Institute of Technology

“The Beacon Fellowship gave insight into what actually happens in the daily life of a consultant in a top firm. The experiences shared by the Project Lead and the work on the project confirmed my interest in consulting as a career.”


Taylor J. | Brigham Young University | ‘19 Booz Allen Hamilton Intern

“The most valuable skills I learned were presentation skills, market research, how to conduct a thorough competitive analysis, and how to professionally interact with a client company and their employees. The confidence I gained from acquiring these skills has translated into other areas of my professional life. I would recommend the Beacon Fellowship to anyone in search of any of these things.”


Chris W. | Cornell University

“The Beacon Fellowship allowed for me to provide a real-world company with strategical insights that will propel and further grow their business. The colleagues that you work on site with are productive and true business professionals that have become lifelong connections. What you get through Beacon is unrivaled.”