Who is eligible to apply for The Beacon Fellowship?

We accept current undergraduates at four-year institutions and individuals who have graduated from a four-year institution within the past two years.

Why should I do Beacon instead of a paid internship?

This is ultimately a question of what you value most. If you value making and saving money, then we recommend finding a job, which is a perfectly reasonable choice. If you want to go abroad, learn and grow, and have a world-class internship, then Beacon may be for you.

Do I need to speak the language?

No. The Fellowship is designed so you don't have to speak anything other than English.

Do you offer any scholarships, or how else can I make the program more affordable?

Historically, most Fellows afford the Fellowship through a combination of parents, individual work/savings, and fundraising. Each accepted Fellow works with a Beacon team member around finances, but you can get started with the below: 

What is the average GPA?

3.40/4.00. We've taken as low as 2.70, and as high as 4.00. 

What if my GPA is below average?

We evaluate candidates comprehensively. A weakness in one area may be overcome by strengths in other areas. We also factor in your field of study.

What if I have conflicts with the dates?

Contact one of our Beacon staff — we'll be able to work with you. Solutions include arriving late, leaving early, or departing for a short period of time in the middle of the Fellowship.


Do we work with/for McKinsey, Bain, and BCG?

No. We have no formal relationship with these firms. Our relationship is limited to hiring Project Leads that used to work there. 

How do you make teams?

We build teams according to interests, experience, and demand.

Do I get to pick what client and project I'll be on?

Unfortunately not. There are too many variables to allow each Fellow to pick their project.

What kind of impact do we really have in such a short time?

Fellows are able to significantly impact our clients (otherwise they wouldn't bother hosting us!). To learn more about the impact our Fellows have, click the below:

What do Fellows study?

Click the below image to see the distribution of fields of study.

Does the project lead to an internship or full-time offer?

Beacon can in no way guarantee any form of position with the client or Beacon. That said, clients have historically been impressed with Fellows' work and have offered paid and unpaid internships.

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How competitive is the application process?

There is no finite number of students we accept. As an educational institution, we hope to include as many students as possible. Therefore, we accept all qualified persons, meaning that you compete only against yourself. So long as an applicant is professional, serious about business, and rightly motivated to participate in the Fellowship, he/she has a strong likelihood of being accepted.

Why does the Fellowship cost money?

To pay for the program’s operations, housing, Project Leads from top firms, excursions, etc.

Beacon is an investment like any other. The returns are both immediate and long-term: get the immediate joy of being abroad and working on a challenging project, and also leverage the experience for future internships and jobs.

When do I have to apply by?

That depends on which Fellowship you go on. Click the below to navigate to the answer:

How old are the Fellows?

Fellows range from Freshmen to graduate students, though we create teams according to experience. Click the below image to expand it and see the historical distribution of age.