We pick projects through which Fellows can learn, grow, and have a real, tangible impact

Every university has student organizations that do consulting work for local companies, and every university department has classes that roughly do the same. 

The main quality that academic programs share, however, is that they're theoretical. Students aren't on-site interacting with the client every day, and their work never actually gets implemented.

That's why we focus on the impact of real-life project work. Simply put, the work Fellows do is never theoretical. The work the Fellows do gets implemented — the work matters.

Project Parameters

We apply 5 primary parameters when defining the project with our partner firms (the clients):

The project must be real, something that will have significant impact on the client. In other words, the project must not be comprised of menial tasks lying around. 

1. Real


Consultants are successful only insofar as they have measurable positive impact. Therefore, the projects we work on all translate into tangible results.

2. Measurable


The work must push the Fellows; the solutions must not be non-obvious and require significant mental effort and creativity to find.

3. Challenging


Projects are multi-dimensional, forcing the students to use the whole of their business acumen, knowledge, and skills.

4. Multi-Faceted


The project must be robust enough to provide a constant challenge across the Fellowship. It must be a formidable task.

5. Substantial