Hands-On. High-Impact.

Every Beacon Fellowship project is on-site, hands-on, and impacts the client directly and significantly.

Project Parameters

We apply 5 primary parameters when defining the project with our partner firms (the clients):

  1. Real | The project is real, i.e. not a theoretical case study; something that is an actual problem/opportunity facing the client, requiring consultation. Thus, Fellows access real data, interact with client personnel, and, if necessary, partake in key meetings. 
  2. Measurable | Consultants are successful only insofar as they have measurable positive impact. Therefore, the projects we work on all translate into tangible results.
  3. Challenging | The work must push the Fellows; the solutions must not be non-obvious and require significant mental effort and creativity to find.
  4. Multi-faceted | Projects are multi-dimensional, forcing the students to use the whole of their business acumen, knowledge, and skills.
  5. Substantial | The project must be robust enough to provide a constant challenge across the Fellowship. It must be a formidable task.
  6. Meaningful | The work must be something of which the Fellows can be proud. It must have relevance to the world around them.

Often, these parameters culminate in a Strategy Consulting project, in which the Fellows engage in primary and secondary research, data analysis and synthesis, and creative solution generation.

Length of Project


The length of the project varies by program. Consistent across all program, however, is the reality that results reign. Thus, the Project Manager may determine that extra hours are required by the team in order to deliver a fantastic final product to the client.

Sprint Programs | Monday through Friday, roughly 9am to 6pm (40 hours/week)*

Summer Programs | Monday through Thursday, roughly 9am to 6pm (32 hours/week)*

* Estimates assume a one hour lunch. 

To see an example of a project, click below: