Projects with social impact

Most universities have courses and student organizations focused on consulting projects for local companies. As excellent as these experiences are, the main downside is that they're theoretical. Students are not on-site interacting with the client every day, and their work is usually never implemented.

That's why our projects focus on finding solutions to real business problems. Simply put, Fellows’ work is never theoretical. The work our Fellows produce actually gets implemented — it matters and the impact is real.

Example Projects

As we're always expanding our clientele, your project may look significantly different than those described below. However, regardless of the industry, client size and scope of your project, it will be both challenging and an excellent introduction to the consulting world.

Growth Strategy

Client: Black Limba

Location: Madrid, Spain

Team: 6 Fellows + Project Lead

Project: Conduct market analyses of Italy, Mexico, France
and Germany, then create a comprehensive pricing strategy based on the competitive analysis and brand positioning. Next, create an implementation plan and roadmap, including a growth optimization proposal with appropriate measures.

Outcome: The client continues to use the Fellows' insights and applies them directly to their expansion strategies.

Market Entry & Strategy

Client: Fintonic

Location: Madrid, Spain

Team: 6 Fellows + Project Lead

Project: Being a fast-growing company that is aggressively expanding, the client had the Fellows focus on country analyses, including understanding the big picture, deep market research, and barriers and competitors. The Fellows analyzed country trends, optimal entry timelines, and recommend overall strategies.

Outcome: The CEO and Director are utilizing the Fellows' work to guide their expansion strategies to determine where next to enter.

Marketing & AI Strategy

Client: MedLab Media Group

Location: Madrid, Spain

Team: 8 Fellows + Project Lead

Project: Determine the available size of market of emerging technologies in different regions, conduct a competitive analysis in the E-Health, Blockchain, AI, and VR-AR realms, identify technology trends for future market penetration, and implement a massive long-tail, low-cost PPC strategy for digital marketing.

Outcome: The client is currently in the process of synthesizing the Fellows' work and then will transition into implementation.

Summer 2019 Beacon Fellows at the Vendi client site in London.

Summer 2019 Beacon Fellows at the Vendi client site in London.

Project Parameters

We apply five primary parameters when defining the project with our partner firms (clients):

The project must be real, and have significant impact on the client. In other words, the project will not be a collection of menial tasks. 

1. Real


Consultants are successful only insofar as they have measurable positive impact. Therefore, the projects we work on all translate into tangible results.

2. Measurable


The work must push the Fellows; the solutions must not be obvious and must require significant mental effort and creativity to find.

3. Challenging


Projects are multi-dimensional, forcing the Fellows to use the whole of their business acumen, knowledge, and skills.

4. Multi-Faceted


The project must be robust enough to provide a constant challenge across the time of the Fellowship.

5. Substantial

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