real Projects with real impact

Many universities have courses and student clubs that allow students to work on non-profit consulting projects for local organizations. As excellent as these experiences are, they’re often not widely available, and tend to be more theoretical than practical. Students are not on-site interacting with the client every day, and their work is often not implemented.

The Beacon Fellowship is different. Aside from working with a real, experienced MBB consultant, you’re working on a real project solving a real problem that the client is facing. Simply put, Fellows’ work is never theoretical. Our Fellows’ work makes it to executive management and gets implemented — the impact is real.

We apply five primary parameters when developing a project with our clients:

1. Projects are real and impact the client significantly. The project is not a collection of menial tasks but is important to the client’s core mission.

2. Projects translate into tangible results. Consultants are successful only insofar as they can have a measurable positive impact for the client.

3. Projects are challenging and push Fellows beyond their comfort zones. Solutions are usually complex, and Fellows arrive at them only via significant mental effort and creativity.

4. Projects are multi-dimensional, forcing the Fellows to use & develop the whole of their business acumen, knowledge, and skills.

5. Projects are robust and substantial to engage Fellows throughout the entire Fellowship.

Past Projects

Below are some past projects our Fellows have worked on. With every client, we develop a project that matches their own needs, meaning every project is unique. However, regardless of the industry, client size, or project scope, it will be both challenging and an excellent experience in consulting.

Growth Strategy


Client: Black Limba: a women’s fashion start-up in 7 international markets, fusing sophistication, comfort, & functionality

Project Lead: Spencer, 3 years at Bain

Team: 6 Fellows

Location: Madrid, Spain

Project: Fellows conducted market analyses of Italy, Mexico, France and Germany, created a comprehensive pricing strategy based on the competitive analysis and brand positioning, and finally, composed an implementation plan and road map, including a growth optimization proposal with appropriate measures.

Outcome: Black Limba is using the Fellows' insights and applying them directly to their expansion strategies.

black limba 2.png

Emerging technology & marketing Strategy


Client: MedLab Media Group, a technology enterprise that develops AI healthcare & database solutions

Project Lead: Eric, 3+ years at McKinsey

Team: 8 Fellows

Location: Madrid, Spain

Project: MedLab had Fellows determine the market size of of emerging technologies in different regions, conduct a competitive analysis in the e-Health, blockchain, AI, and VR-AR realms, identify technology trends for future market penetration, and implement a scaled long-tail, low-cost PPC digital marketing strategy.

Outcome: After synthesizing the Fellows' work, the client will transition into implementation.


P2p marketplace Go-to-market Strategy


Client: vendi, a verified peer-to-peer marketplace for new & used smartphones

Project Lead: Viet, 3+ years at McKinsey, Harvard MBA

Team: 12 Fellows

Location: London, United Kingdom

Project: Fellows investigated vendi’s expansion into 3 new international markets as well as expansion within the UK. Fellows focused their analyses by country, including cultural understandings, market sizing, and competitive forces. The Fellows even conducted customer interviews on the streets of London and used data to back up their final recommendation for international expansion.

Outcome: After working closely with the Fellows, the CEO and COO are now using Fellows’ recommendations to guide their expansion timeline going forward.

Summer 2019 Beacon Fellows at the Vendi client site in London.

Summer 2019 Beacon Fellows at the Vendi client site in London.

2019 Fellows refine slides during project work at the BaseKX client site near the UCL campus in London.

2019 Fellows refine slides during project work at the BaseKX client site near the UCL campus in London.


start your application

There is no deadline to apply, but there are many benefits to enrolling as early as possible.

  1. Enroll early to secure a spot in the program of your choice and make plans for the rest of your summer (i.e. do another internship before/after Beacon).

  2. Students who enroll earliest get first picks on clients and Project Leads once they are announced.

  3. The best flight prices usually occur around 5 months out. Purchasing flights early can save you hundreds of dollars and there are usually more flight options to choose from.

The application process consists of 4 steps:

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  2. Complete and submit your application.

  3. If selected, conduct a 30-minute video interview with an Admissions Coordinator.

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