Fellows spend most of their week working on the consulting project but still have plenty of time to enjoy being abroad.

Beacon Fellows come to Europe or Washington, DC to work, learn, and grow. Therefore, the project work always takes priority. Still, we're abroad, so we make sure that we always have a good time and enjoy the country!

While no day is like the one that came before, you can expect a schedule like the one below:

Monday - Friday

7:00am: Wake up, prepare for the day, have breakfast provided by the Fellowship

8:00am: Take public transportation to the client’s site

8:30am: Begin work on the consulting project, focusing on your assigned portion

10:00am: Meet with your Project Lead to go over yesterday's analysis

1:00pm: Break for lunch; adjust plan for latter half of day

2:30pm: Resume work, making adjustments based off of lunch conversations

5:30pm: Discuss work accomplished, adjustments, and tomorrow's plan

6:00pm: Break for the day, followed by free time. Group dinners 2 days a week.

Saturday - Sunday

On Saturdays, Fellows will go on excursions to nearby cities and sites. We keep Sundays totally free for all Fellows.

Excursions often include, but aren't limited to:

  • Traveling to cities nearby within the country

  • Visiting startup incubators or consulting offices

  • Exploring local museums and parks

  • Dining at rooftop restaurants