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Partner with a team of driven undergrads and an experienced mentor to tackle a consulting project for a client in Europe or D.C.


From Beacon to top consulting firms like McKinsey and Booz Allen:

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Beacon...gave me the chance to work with a startup and provide real value...With the skills I developed through this experience and having thoroughly enjoyed the work, I went through the recruiting process and will be interning for a top consulting firm next summer.
— Carlos A., Georgetown U., 2018 Summer Fellow // McKinsey & Company 2019 Summer Intern // also offered an internship with BCG
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[Beacon] gave me really valuable experience to add to my resume...and helped get me in the door to McKinsey...I have just accepted an internship offer with McKinsey & Company for the summer. I am so excited for this opportunity and am very grateful that Beacon gave me the gateway to this field!
— Emma M., CO School of Mines, 2018 Summer Fellow // McKinsey & Company 2019 Summer Intern
I’ll be interning with Booz Allen Hamilton this summer in their San Diego office! I’m super excited. Honestly [Beacon] was the big reason I started seriously considering the firm. Thanks so much for your help and mentorship! I’m glad so much good has come from doing the Beacon Fellowship.
— Taylor J., BYU, 2018 Summer Fellow // Booz Allen Hamilton 2019 Summer Intern

Spend four weeks gaining impactful consulting experience at client sites in Europe or D.C.

Conventional summer consulting internships are designed to boost the company’s bottom line, but often, interns leave with the feeling that they actually have not learned or made a difference. Beacon is designed to provide Fellows with a rewarding and challenging summer by engaging them directly in impactful consulting projects with international firms. Each cohort of Fellows is guided and accompanied by a Project Lead, a consultant who has worked for a top firm.

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Parent Testimonial

Sam loved the international aspect of the Beacon Fellowship. He embraced not knowing the language. Getting by and thriving in a new culture was a remarkably fun challenge for him. He made lifelong friends (often he and his friends would go the beach after work). Beacon did a magnificent job of selecting not just the best young minds but also personable, engaging and caring people. The host company and mentors/group leaders provided practical and meaningful work. They taught and encouraged but also trusted that Sam and his team would work diligently and provide a creative, viable and valuable solution for the client. Sam wrote only a few texts and made very few calls from Spain. As a parent I could tell he was fully engaged in his work, happy and thriving.
— Robert Vaughn, Father of Fellow Sam Vaughn (Vanderbilt University)

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Washington, D.C.

Hear from previous Fellows and Project Leads:


Chris W. //

Cornell University // Summer ‘18 Fellow

"The colleagues that you work on site with are productive and true business professionals that have become lifelong connections. What you get through Beacon is unrivaled.”


Eric C. //

McKinsey Alumnus //

Summer ‘18 Project Lead

"A lot of other [opportunities] don't force [students] out of their comfort zones... Beacon does that, and they get to grow not only professionally but also personally."


Jessica R. //

U. of the Cumberlands // Summer ‘18 Fellow

“Being on site with the client every day, my team and I had full access to all the materials we needed, and we were able to learn so much more about the industry.”

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Spencer P. //

Bain Alumnus // Summer ‘18 Project Lead

"This Fellowship really provides a real-world experience and a relevant exposure to a field that [Fellows] can then take and evaluate as a future career option."

Our Fellows come from all over the country:


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Some Beacon alumni have received job or internship offers from top firms such as:

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Note: these firms are listed for information only; they do not constitute or imply an endorsement or approval by any of the firms of the Beacon Fellowship.

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World-class consulting experience.

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