We know that you care about your child’s safety and the value of The Beacon Fellowship in advancing his/her education and career. That’s why we are passionate about providing the best possible experience for them.

Please read through the FAQs listed below and reach out to us directly if you have remaining questions.

parent testimonial

Robert Vaughn | Father of Sam Vaughn, Vanderbilt University, ‘19 Beacon Fellow

“Sam absolutely loved his experiences. He had a great time with his roommates and teammates. He learned real world, relevant modeling and problem solving. The client issues he and his team were assigned were so engrossing that he spent a good amount of his time away from the office thinking about best solutions and providing the client with a deliverable that was effective and easily comprehended and digested. Sam loved the international aspect of the Beacon.  He embraced not knowing the language. Getting by and thriving in a new culture was a remarkably fun challenge for him.  He made lifelong friends. (Often he and his friends would go the beach after work). Beacon did a magnificent job of selecting not just the best young minds but also personable, engaging and caring people. The host company and mentors/group leaders provided practical and meaningful work. They taught and encouraged but also trusted that Sam and his team would work diligently and provide a creative, viable and valuable solution for the client. Sam wrote only a few texts and made very few calls from Spain. As a parent I could tell he was fully engaged in his work, happy and thriving.”

Site Manager testimonial

Alicia and Fellows enjoying a group meal

Alicia and Fellows enjoying a group meal

Alicia L. | Site manager | ‘19 Washington, D.C. Fellowship

“As a Site Manager, I participated in two different Beacon trainings, and the first thing we discussed during the Fellows’ orientation was safety. I kept in contact with the Fellows via WhatsApp every single day and made sure that I was always available when there was a message. For me, the first layer of safety is being available and responsive to whatever the Fellows need. Also, I always made sure they understood that the buddy system is best here in D.C. and to reach out to me if they were going to do something that was off the beaten path… Since we were walking and traveling to many different places together, it was important to give them information ahead of time, e.g. our metro stop, the address of our destination, etc. I also acted as an example myself. I didn’t rush people across the street just to make the light. I stopped and waited and served as that example for them. My approach was to model safe behavior.”

parent Faqs

What is this program?

The Beacon Fellowship is an educational business program that is designed to help current undergraduate students develop high-level, tangible skills before graduation. It allows them to not only be better prepared for the workforce but also to thoughtfully discern if the business or consulting field is the right fit for them to pursue as a career.

How much does the program cost?

The program fee varies based on two factors: the length of the program that your child selects and the location of the programs, and covers items such as housing, the experienced MBB Project Lead, several meal a week, weekend excursions, public transit around the city & international health insurance. Choose from among our location offerings to see the dates and fees for a particular program.

Will my child be able to understand the client if they are in a different country?

There are no language requirements to participate in the Beacon Fellowship, and we do not expect Fellows to speak the language of their host city. While the employees at the client site may not speak English fluently, we do guarantee that the Project Lead will be able to communicate fully with them as needed for the consulting work.

Will my child be safe?

The Site Manager’s role with us is just to focus on the safety logistics of the program, such as navigating the city, planning the weekend excursions, and being the point of contact for any emergencies. The Site Manager is often a resident of the city, and they work for the program on a full-time basis while the program is running. Your child will be connected with the Site Manager and the rest of the students before the program begins. 

Will they be living with roommates?

Yes, your child should expect to share a room with 1-3 other Fellows in the program. 

Who is onsite to help the Fellows?

The Site Manager (see above) is the main point of contact for safety and logistics questions from the Fellows. We have a network of international staff that supervise and support our Site Managers, providing additional resources as necessary.

What staff member would I get in touch with if there is a problem during the program?

The Site Manager will be your best point of contact, and you and your child will have their contact information before the Fellowship begins. We will also provide you with an emergency line that you can access if needed.

How will my child get from the airport to housing upon arrival?

Since our Fellows arrive at all times on the first day of the program, the Site Manager greets each student at the housing instead of at the airport. Before the Fellowship begins, the post-enrollment team will provide your student with a detailed overview of the city’s transportation options and help them come up with the best plan for their specific travel itinerary. There are additional options such as coordinating with other Fellows to meet at the airport and travel to housing together. Regardless of what is best for your child, we will make sure that you feel secure in your plan before the program begins!

Will I be able to contact my children? How?

Yes, you will be able to contact your child during the program. The post-enrollment team can share commonly used phone apps for international communication (WhatsApp is what the Site Manager will use with the cohort of Fellows).

How does the student get around in the city?

Beacon provides transportation from the housing to the client site and the weekend excursions, as part of the program fee. A Beacon staff member will be with the Fellows for those trips, and the group will travel as a cohort. It is most likely that a local transit pass will be purchased for the duration of the program, which will allow your child to have transit access for their free time as well. The Site Manager will provide safety tips and suggestions for any city travel that is not part of our programming.

How many excursions are there?

The number of excursions in the program varies depending on the season and length of time that your child chooses. The Admissions Coordinator can provide more details on how many to expect, based on their specific program choice.

How many meals are covered?

All breakfasts are covered, along with two lunches and two dinners per week of the program. 

What will the housing accommodations be like?

Housing varies by program and could be a university dorm, an apartment, or international student housing. We consider the safety of the neighborhood and travel distance to the client when making a final selection. Fellows can expect to have at least one roommate.