The Application Process

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There is no deadline to apply, but there are many benefits to enrolling as early as possible.

  • Enroll early to secure a spot in the program of your choice and make plans for the rest of your summer (i.e. do another internship before/after Beacon).

  • Students who enroll earliest get first picks on clients and Project Leads once they are announced.

  • The best flight prices usually occur around 5 months out. Purchasing flights early can save you hundreds of dollars and there are usually more flight options to choose from.

  • Students who enroll by Oct 18 get a free 3 month Rosetta Stone subscription. A great way to take advantage of being in a foreign country is learning some of the language!

Four steps to apply

  1. Start your online application below.

  2. Complete & submit your application.

  3. If selected, conduct a 30-minute video interview with Beacon staff.

  4. Receive notification of Beacon's decision.

start your application

There is no cost to apply. Email us at if you have any questions.