at the crossroads of business: skills from an Mbb Project lead

Even those who may not want to pursue consulting full-time benefit immensely from consulting experience because it develops the skills employers want most. Read some of our favorite articles from Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg and Fortune which outline the importance of the skills Fellows cultivate throughout their Fellowships.

Fellow: Victoria | Wake Forest | Summer 2019, London:

Victoria Latham.png

Project Lead was Harvard MBA candidate and Mckinsey & co. alumnus

“After I graduate, I plan to apply to political consulting firms and think tanks across the country with the hopes of gaining some experience before moving onto grad school in foreign policy. I chose to participate in the Beacon Fellowship because, although I am pursuing a career in political consulting and not business consulting, the same skills are required to be the best at the job. The Beacon Fellowship provides the opportunity to gain real-world consulting skills…from the Project Lead that are unrivaled. The knowledge gained from this experience has made me feel prepared to enter the world of consulting, whether for business management or politics, confident in my abilities and my value to an organization.”

Read here to learn why consulting helps prepare you with many skills, like those listed below, to succeed in a range of jobs.

Problem Solving

Intellectual Curiosity

Independent Thinking




Cultural Competency

360 Degree Thinking