consulting is a proven place to develop early career skills

Many people believe consulting is the best industry in which to build early career skills. Challenging work and talented peers combine to form a working environment incredibly ripe for learning and growth. Even those who may not want to pursue consulting full-time benefit immensely from consulting experience because it develops the skills employers want most. Jobs at the MBB firms (McKinsey, Bain, & BCG) are so sought-after and desired, precisely because they’re elite at developing these skills.

Below are some of the skills you’ll develop as a consultant. Click to be directed to some of our favorite articles from Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Bloomberg, and Fortune which explain the impact of that particular skill.



Intellectual Curiosity



Cultural Competency

Independent Thinking

360 Degree Thinking

the fellowship maximizes learning by being structured similarly to Mbb consulting

At the MBB firms, and consulting broadly, entry-level consultants don’t have much experience but they have smarts & ambition. A Partner, or Project Lead, will lead analysts on a project, contributing his/her own expertise, but relying on the entry-level analysts and their skills in quickly crunching numbers, performing analyses, & building slides. Usually the Project Lead is the one who presents to the client, although entry-level analysts stand by, ready to delve deeper on a given topic. Entry-level consultants benefit by working under an extremely talented, experienced consultant and gain exposure to a diverse set of complicated business problems that challenge them daily.

At Beacon, we’ve designed the Fellows’ experience similarly. Fellows are not expected to have industry experience, but, through their willingness to learn, are able to contribute via their hard work in data analysis, researching best practices in an industry, designing a prototype, etc. An MBB alumnus serves as Project Lead and guides the project as a whole and leads interaction with the client, as is typical in consulting, although Fellows usually have the opportunity to present their slides themselves to the client.

Victoria | Wake Forest | Summer 2019, London:

Victoria Latham.png

worked with mckinsey alumnus/Harvard MBA project lead

“I chose to participate in the Beacon Fellowship because, although I am pursuing a career in political consulting and not business consulting, the same skills are required to be the best at the job. The Beacon Fellowship provides the opportunity to gain real-world consulting skills…from the Project Lead that are unrivaled. The knowledge gained from this experience has made me feel prepared to enter the world of consulting, whether for business management or politics, confident in my abilities and my value to an organization.”

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There is no deadline to apply, but there are many benefits to enrolling as early as possible.

  1. Enroll early to secure a spot in the program of your choice and make plans for the rest of your summer (i.e. do another internship before/after Beacon).

  2. Students who enroll earliest get first picks on clients and Project Leads once they are announced.

  3. The best flight prices usually occur around 5 months out. Purchasing flights early can save you hundreds of dollars and there are usually more flight options to choose from.

  4. Students who enroll by Oct 18 get a free 3 month Rosetta Stone subscription. A great way to take advantage of being in a foreign country is learning some of the language!

The application process consists of 4 steps:

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  2. Complete and submit your application.

  3. If selected, conduct a 30-minute video interview with an Admissions Coordinator.

  4. Receive notification of Beacon's decision.