Excited to announce some of our 2020 clients!

  • Opinno: Madrid, Summer 2020: July 19th - August 15th

  • Lifesaver: London, Summer 2020: May 24th - June 20th, June 21st - July 18th, & July 19th - August 15th

  • The Salvation Army: Washington, DC, Winter 2020: January 4th - 13th

Fellows consult for clients with social impact

Our clients range from established industry leaders and government organizations, to quickly-growing start-ups and impactful NGOs. The Beacon Fellowship chooses to partner with clients that have real, challenging business problems that present an opportunity for students to have real social impact. Partner clients demonstrate not only dynamism, engagement, and social impact, but also an eagerness to work with our Fellows. Over the course of four weeks, Fellows experience what it’s like to be a consultant by working with the client to develop solutions under the guidance of their Project Lead.

Clients usually fall into the following sectors:


For Fellows interested in traditional management and/or strategy consulting, we partner with commercial entities that require consultation in a myriad of areas: strategy, marketing, operations, organization, process improvement, and more. These are our most intensive and popular projects and span established industry leaders as well as nascent high-growth start-ups.

Non-Profits / NGOs

For Fellows who are more socially conscious, we offer projects with non-profit organizations. These projects are every bit as challenging and analytical as their commercial counterparts, yet they have the additional element of service-orientation.


Government structures are known for being large and bureaucratic; thus, there is ample room for improvement. Whether consulting for the Ministry of the Interior, local governmental entities, or other bodies, Fellows may have the opportunity to fundamentally alter or improve significant facets of international governmental entities.

Client Testimonials & Past Partners


Andreas Feller | ‘19 Beacon Client | Co-founder & CEO, WorldLabs

“We are a digital ecosystem for innovation, which means we bring together innovators from the private and public sectors — that could be corporate, but also entrepreneurs and researchers — in order to collaborate and explore opportunities… The Fellows made a great addition to our team. They had a great impact on our outreach strategies. They helped us to actually create a sales strategy to penetrate the American market, which we could also implement at the end. It's a very unique project, also interesting for the Fellows, because in the start-up environment, they could work on researching the strategy but they could at the same time implement it at the end of the four weeks.”

LaNysha Adams  CEO, EdLinguist Solutions

LaNysha Adams | ‘19 Beacon Client | founder & CEO, EdLinguist Solutions

"We are a coaching and consulting firm that focuses on changing and enhancing learning in environments, whether they're organizations or K-12 schools or higher education or companies… I had the opportunity to use [the Fellows’] work literally the day after their final presentations! When I was presenting to a nonprofit I'm working with, I used some of the Fellows' slides because they explained things clearly. That was really exciting - I realized I would be able to immediately leverage all of the value they had created; the Fellows' work wasn't just a theoretical project that might help. So when I was watching the presentations, I thought: 'This is gold.'"

Pablo Gonzalez Iglesias | ‘19 Beacon Client | Co-founder & CEO, Vendi

“Vendi is a peer-to-peer marketplace to buy and sell verified products. The Fellows are helping us by tapping into the challenges that we are facing. In terms of brand awareness, we’ve gone out to the streets and created a few events, interviewed customers so they know a bit better about Vendi and we understand them also. In terms of expanding into new countries, [the Fellows] have been able to do fantastic research... the impact is very positive for the company, because they provide us the data we need to make the decisions that we want to make relatively quickly.”


Note: these firm names are listed for informational purposes only; they do not constitute or imply an endorsement or an approval by any of the firms of the Beacon Fellowship.