Madrid, the capital of Spain and one of the largest cities in the EU, boasts a warm, friendly culture, famous museums and royal landmarks, and an enjoyable atmosphere of tapas and terraces. A jaunt down the tree-lined Paseo del Prado, the most historic boulevard in Madrid, takes viewers past some of the best sites in the city, including famous sculpture fountains. A visit is not complete without a tour of the renowned Golden Triangle of Museums which boast famous pieces from past and present, including Velasquez and Goya. One of the most visited sites in the world, the Prado Museum has the single best collection of Spanish art. Stroll a few blocks over and find one of our Fellows’ favorite sites—Retiro Park. Once the palace gardens of Philip IV of Spain, Retiro Park has beautiful gardens, a boating lake, and many famous fountains and statues. Fellows have been known to take their lunch break here, enjoying a relaxing break on the green lawns or boats. Other famous sites include the Real Madrid football stadium and Las Ventas, the famous bullfighting ring. 

Fellow: Mark G. | Notre Dame | 2019 Summer, Madrid:


PROJECT LEAD WAS Daniel G: former bain & co. consultant and harvard mba

“Though an active ‘city that never sleeps,’ Madrid was relatively tightly-knit and easily navigable. It didn’t take long for it to feel like home... An unspoken fascination comes with experiencing a bustling metropolis and a cultural hotspot in one.”

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