world-class Project Leads from mckinsey, bain & bcg

With past experience at an MBB firm (McKinsey, Bain, or BCG) and education from top business schools like Harvard MBA, Project Leads have a wealth of insights to share with their cohort of Fellows. Project Leads mentor Fellows and teach them key organizational strategies and methods, game-changing tools & shortcuts and other powerful best practices to enable them to their learning on their Fellowship and create the highest quality work for the client.

Time and again, students testify that the advice and training they received from their Project Lead was the highlight of their Fellowship. Project Leads are devoted solely to the Fellows as a mentor and resource; Fellows can request advice in any number of career and consulting-related areas.During the program, Fellows will spend about 100 hours under the guidance of the Project Lead. Students leave the Beacon Fellowship with valuable new skills, resume-building experience, a network of connections, and the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing they made a real impact.

Project Lead: Daniel | Summer 2019, Madrid:


Harvard MBA and Bain & co. alumnus

“To maximize learning, I put Fellows in the driver’s seat, pushing them to use their own best thinking to solve our client’s problems. We then walked through their thinking and my thinking side-by-side as a collaborative team so we could all learn from one another. We used many different formats, including whiteboarding sessions, brainstorms, trainings, workshops, and one-on-one coaching to facilitate this learning.”

What do Project leads do?

  • Brainstorm different ways to approach the client’s project

  • Conduct meetings to assess Fellows’ progress on the project

  • Discuss Fellows’ ideas about the client

  • Review consulting best-practices, tips, and tricks of the trade

  • Act as a resource during excursions, meals, and free time

  • Provide recommendation letters or serve as a reference upon request

Project Lead Viet, McKinsey alumnus/Harvard MBA, poses with Fellows at the BaseKX client site.

Project Lead Viet, McKinsey alumnus/Harvard MBA, poses with Fellows at the BaseKX client site.



Yusuf| Harvard mba ‘20 | 3 years at boston consulting group (bcg)

Project Lead for London program (January 4th - 13th).

Yusuf is a current MBA student at Harvard Business School. After studying industrial engineering, Yusuf pursued a career at BCG, working in Turkey other Middle Eastern countries. His work experience spans many industries from airlines to higher education to chicken production to automotive to telecom. In his spare time, Yusuf enjoys playing guitar and drums, running and basketball. Having lived abroad in Finland, Germany and the United States, Yusuf has been to 25 countries and enjoys traveling when he gets the chance. Last summer, Yusuf was a PL in Madrid, Spain and is excited to return this winter.


Viet| Harvard mba ‘20 | 3 years at mckinsey & company

Project Lead for Madrid program (December 14th - 23rd).

Viet is a current MBA student at Harvard Business School and heads up business strategy for Google’s new business sales division in the Asia Pacifc. Prior to HBS, he managed a digital marketing startup and was a consultant for 3 years at McKinsey. As a Project Lead, he enjoyed meeting all the Fellows and working with them to develop impact for clients. Coming from a musical background, he often organizes jamming sessions with friends or attens jazz clubs. His advice to incoming Fellows? "Find your particular strength and focus on that spike to become exceptional." Last summer, Viet was a PL for Beacon in London, England as well.

some of our project leadS from summer 2019


Deborah| Harvard mba | 3 years at Bain & co.

After graduating from Washington University in St. Louis, Deborah began her MBA program at Harvard Business School. She has worked at Bain & Company and held internships at GE Healthcare, A Better Chicago, and HomeLight. Deborah loves to cook, attend concerts, read, and generally stay active. Her advice to incoming Fellows? "Approach this opportunity with a growth mindset – work hard, experiment, and come in with a goal of learning as much as possible. It’ll be a fun, risk-free way to learn more about consulting."

Daniel| Harvard MBA | 1 year at Bain & co.

Daniel graduated in 2019 with an MBA at Harvard Business School and a MPA in International Development at the Harvard Kennedy School. He has worked as a management consultant with Bain & Company in South Africa, a policy consultant with IDinsight in Uganda and India, and in the New York City Mayor's Office of Operations, the World Bank, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. In these roles, he has worked on operational transformations, business strategies, impact evaluations, and economic development plans for businesses, governments, foundations, and NGOs. His tip for incoming Fellows? "Learn keyboard shortcuts in Microsoft office - they're incredibly useful."


Jaime| MIT Sloan mba ‘20 | 4 years at Boston consulting group (bcg)

Born and raised in Spain, Jaime has a background in aerospace engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and is currently earning his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. After graduation, he gained experience in multiple capacities in Madrid and Barcelona, most recently as a consultant for BCG. He has worked in the travel, tourism, energy and industrial goods sectors dealing with revenue management, operations, cascading, M&A and more.


Bonnie| Harvard mba | 2 years at Bain & co.

After graduating from Harvard Business School, Bonnie served as a Project Lead with Beacon and then returned to the San Francisco bay area — where she grew up — for a job at Salesforce. Prior to business school, she worked in consulting at Bain Chicago where she had the opportunity to work in a number of different industries and exciting midwestern cities. In her free time, Bonnie enjoys golf (she played for her college team) and salsa dancing. She is also trying to get back into reading for fun, now that required class readings have ended.

the fellows’ perspective

Fellow: Alina | Dartmouth | Summer 2019, London

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Mentored by mckinsey alumnus/Harvard MBA project lead

“Above all, through trainings and feedback on our slides, [my Project Lead] taught me the basic knowledge needed in consulting…I learned how to be MECE and Top-Down in communication, how to make professional-looking slides, and how to estimate market size using the TAM-SAM-SOM approach. [C]ase interview practice and related conversations with the Project Lead prepared me for recruiting seasons in the future. Walking out of the program, I’ve gained much more insight and confidence regarding internship applications. [C]heck-ins with the Project Lead on a daily basis made me think about and synthesize my Beacon experience frequently and thus memorize my learnings deeply.”

Fellow: Bhoomika | University of Michigan | Summer 2019, Madrid


Mentored by bain alumnus/harvard mba project lead

“Our Project Lead [Daniel] was exceptional and provided us with guidance and mentorship throughout the process. I believe Daniel, more than anyone or anything, made the experience as amazing as it was.”

Fellow: Christopher | suny | Summer 2019, London

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Mentored by mckinsey alumnus/Harvard MBA project lead

“[My Project Lead Viet] aided my team and I in a variety of challenges and hurdles we faced while working for the client. Everything from team dynamic challenges to how to help the client better, Viet taught the proper steps to problem solving, feedback and how to convey the message in a concise and detailed manner.”

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