Meet Beacon’s Project Leads

Project Leads form an integral part of The Beacon Fellowship. With formal education from prestigious business schools like Harvard and extensive experience at top consulting firms like McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, they are uniquely equipped to guide their Fellows cohort through an immersive consulting project with a client based in Europe or Washington D.C.

During the program, Fellows will spend about 100 hours under the guidance of the Project Lead.

Want to learn from highly accomplished consultants like some of our past Project Leads below? Reach out to the admissions team to learn more!

Project Lead Profiles

Viet Nguyen.jpg

Viet - Harvard Business School ‘20


Daniel Gastfriend.jpg

Daniel - Harvard Business School ‘19



Bonnie - Harvard Business School ‘19


Deborah Ohiani-Jegede.jpg

Deborah - Harvard Business School ‘19



Mason - Harvard Business School ‘21


Jonathan Dannevig (A).jpg

Jonathan - Harvard Business School ‘16

Boston Consulting Group

Jaime Garcia Gonzalez.jpg

Jaime - MIT Sloan Business School ‘20

Boston Consulting Group


Yusuf - Harvard Business School ‘20


During the project

Over the course of the Fellowship, the Project Lead will:

  • Meet daily to discuss your progress on the project

  • Brainstorm different ways to approach your work

  • Talk about the various ideas you've had related to your client

  • Go over consulting best-practices, tips, and tricks of the trade

  • Be a resource and mentor even outside of work (on excursions, at meals, etc.)

After the project


Following the project, many of the Fellows maintain professional relationships with their Project Manager, many of whom have written letters of recommendation, served as references, or else kept in touch.