Interview preparation

Congratulations on advancing to the final round!

Now that you've been invited to interview, you're likely curious about the elements of the interview, as well as what the process will be from now until receiving an admissions decision.

We strongly recommend reflecting thoughtfully on the following question topics before coming to your interview.

The Interview

The interview is a 30-minute video conversation, during which we'll delve more deeply into your application, as well as get to know you better as a person.

The form of the interview will vary by candidate, but will generally consist of the following:

  • Introductions and sharing of backgrounds

  • Discussion of your past and current involvement in your academics and activities in school and the community

  • How you would contribute as a Fellow to the Fellowship program

  • Verifying your preferences for dates and location

  • Reviewing your financial plan and working together on how to best fund the program fee

  • Answering questions that you have at this time

The Process

After your interview has been conducted, you can expect to hear a decision back from us within three business days.

If you are not accepted into the Fellowship, you are able to apply again for a future session. While we cannot offer individual feedback to all of our students, we are able to provide general feedback about what we look for in each cohort of students that we select.