Top 25 Schools for Beacon Fellows as ranked by MBB Project Leads

How was this list compiled? 

The fellow composite score is determined by our McKinsey/Bain/BCG alumni project leads who ranked our top 6 fellows per session based on superior project performance and ability to effectively work together with their team. Our best fellow from each session received a 6, and our 6th place fellow received a 1. The university composite score is calculated by adding each individual composite score from that school.

1st place (score of 16):

texas logo.png

2nd place (score of 11):

harvard logo.png

Tie for 3rd place (score of 9):

vanderbilt logo.png
santa clara logo.png
penn logo.png

Tie for 7th place (score of 8):

wash u logo.jpg

10th place (score of 7):

Tie for 11th place (score of 6):


Tie for 20th place (score of 5):


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