It all started when…

In the spring of 2016, our founders, fueled by a desire to solve the problem they faced in undergrad — a one-sided business education — took the skills they developed at McKinsey, BCG, and Booz Allen Hamilton, and created the Beacon Fellowship.

Since then, we've grown to have launched multiple successful programs, equipping our Fellows with real, tangible skills, and winning them interviews, internships, and more.

Now as we expand into new countries beyond Spain, we also seek to recruit new students from beyond the US. We hope you will join us on one of our future programs as we continue to grow!


那时,我们的创始人有着强烈的期望去改进他们在大学本科学习中面临的极其片面的商业教育。他们决定启用他们在麦肯锡、波士顿咨询公司和博思艾伦等世界一流咨询公司所得的技能创建 Beacon Fellowship。

至今,Beacon Fellowship 已成功发起多个为学员们提供切实可行技能的实习项目,并为他们赢得了多个优等面试与实习机会。

现在,随着新国家计划发展的实施,我们也即将开启海外招生的流程,希望您能在我们成长的过程中成为 Beacon Fellowship 大家庭中的一员!