Visa information



Chinese citizens require visas in advance of traveling to our program host countries. We are able to provide support and assistance in the process, specifically by providing the items in bold that are required for Chinese citizens to obtain tourist visas to the host countries. Please note that students are still responsible for items in these lists that are not in bold print. If you should choose a different visa designation, we would still be willing to provide assistance, but we recommend applying for a tourist visa because of the more streamlined process of applying.


UK Visa Info


Students need the following for a 30-day tourist visa:

  • the dates you're planning to travel to the UK

  • details of where you'll be staying during your visit

  • how much you think your trip will cost

  • your current home address and how long you've lived there

  • your parents' names and dates of birth

  • how much you earn in a year


  • {您计划前往英国的日期}
  • {您在访问期间住宿的详细信息}
  • {您对旅行费用总额的预估}
  • 您当前的家庭住址以及居住时长
  • 您父母的姓名和出生日期
  • 您一年的收入

Italy Visa Info


Students need the following for a tourist visa:

  • Entry visa application form ( View )

  • recent passport-size photograph

  • valid travel document whose expiry date is three months longer than that of the visa requested

  • return ticket (or booking) or evidence that the applicant has their own means of transport

  • proof that the applicant has sufficient means of subsistence as required by the Directive of the Ministry of the Interior dated 1st March 2000 ( View )

  • supporting documentation in relation to the applicant's social and professional status

  • health insurance covering a minimum of €30,000 for emergency hospitalisation and repatriation expenses, valid throughout the Schengen area

  • proof of accommodation (hotel booking, Declaration of hospitality, declaration whereby accommodation costs shall be borne by the person inviting) ( View )

  • 入境签证申请表(查看
  • 近期护照尺寸照片
  • 有效旅行证件(护照),其有效期限需比所要求的签证长三个月
  • 回程机票(或预订信息)或申请人拥有将要离开意大利的证据
  • 证明申请人有足够的生活资源,为符合2000年3月1日内政部指令的要求(查看
  • {证实申请人的社会和职业地位的文件}
  • {在整个申根地区有效医疗保险,至少包括30,000欧元的紧急住院和遣返费用} 
  • {住宿证明(酒店预订,招待声明,住宿费用应由邀请人承担的声明)(查看)}

Spain Visa Info


Students need the following for a tourist visa:

  • Bank statement of the last 6 months

  • Passport and copies of relevant identification

  • Documents providing clear evidences about your travel programme (booking transportation, itinerary, etc.)

  • Flight Reservation: When applying for a visa for multiple visits: reservation of the first visit.

  • Proof of accommodation: For the whole duration of the intended stay.

  • Individual travel medical insurance covering, during your stay on the Schengen territory, any expenses which might arise in connection with urgent medical attention and/or emergency hospital treatment, and repatriation for medical reasons or death. The minimum coverage should be of 30.000 euros or the equivalent in RMB.

  • 过去6个月的银行对账单
  • 护照和相关身份证明复印件
  • {提供您的旅行计划的证据文件 (预订交通,行程等)}
  • 航班预订 (申请多次访问签证时只需第一次访问的航班预订信息)
  • {在整个预定停留期间的住宿证明}
  • {个人旅行医疗保险,涵盖您在申根领土逗留期间可能因紧急医疗和/或紧急医院治疗而出现的任何费用,以及因医疗原因或死亡而遣返的费用。最低保额应为30000欧元或等值人民币}