Why Choose Beacon?


Why should I choose the Beacon Fellowship?

Typical business and consulting summer roles are often designed for the benefit of the company - regardless of the organization’s reputation or profile, summer associates or interns often engage in lower-level, administrative work that fits with their current level of experience, rather than expanding it. This type of role is unlikely to help you better understand the world of business or consulting, especially when you are deciding whether to pursue a career or graduate degree in this field.

The Beacon Fellowship is unique in that it is designed for your benefit - it provides you with higher-level, direct consulting experience that stands out on your resume and pushes you to develop new skill-sets. You will work under a Project Lead from a top-tier consulting firm (such as McKinsey, Bain, or BCG) whose top priority is to guide you and the other Fellows through the real project assigned to you by your client in Europe or DC.

Our 4-week sessions are also the perfect opportunity to study abroad in a meaningful way and outside of the regular academic calendar. We currently offer programs in Barcelona, Madrid, London, Rome, and Washington, DC, and plan excursions for you to make the most of being in a new city!


Should I do the Beacon Fellowship or a paid internship?

The Beacon Fellowship is designed to give you a more meaningful experience for your long-term career than a conventional paid internship could provide you. We intentionally select clients and Project Leads who will contribute the most to your learning experience, and we take care of organizing housing, meals, and excursions that will allow you to make the most of your time abroad.

Although this structure requires us to set a program fee, we care about maximizing what you get for what you pay and are committed to keeping the costs for the program low. We believe that the benefit of Beacon to your future career outweighs the cost of investing into this month abroad. Here is an example of what Beacon could look like on your resume, and below are ways that past Fellows have been able to support the cost of the program.


What resources are available for offsetting the cost of the Fellowship?

While we don’t offer scholarships directly, we have received feedback from past Fellows about resources that worked well in helping them raise funds to participate in our program. Additionally, many Fellows pursue a paid opportunity for the part of the summer when they are not overseas with us. We would encourage you to consider whether any of the following could be a good option for you:

  • Speak with both the study abroad and financial aid office on campus to see what resources they can provide or point you towards.

  • Talk with your family and support system about the Beacon Fellowship to see what financial support may be available from them.

  • Write support letters to your network explaining why you are pursuing this opportunity and what types of support would be helpful to receive from them.

  • Partner with a local restaurant to host an event where part of the proceeds go towards your trip.

  • Reach out to local businesses or consultants requesting sponsorship of your time abroad.