Prior to departure, we provide robust training to each and every one of our Fellows to ensure they hit the ground running

We craft Fellows' training to ensure that they come into the project understanding all the primary facets of consulting and their projects. Since our projects are condensed, we do as much as possible to get the most out of every work day by training the Fellows on:

  • What is consulting?

  • Problem structuring

  • Research and analysis

  • Presentation and problem resolution

  • Client interaction and professionalism

  • Deck creation and logical argumentation

To ensure our Fellows come prepared, each Fellow must complete a series of tests surrounding the main areas of consulting. This further ensures that each team is cohesive and that no team member is left behind.

The Trainers

We partner with top consultants from McKinsey, Bain, BCG, and other leading consulting firms, in order to provide to our Fellows the best training possible.

We intentionally select consultants from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels to provide a comprehensive and robust understanding of consulting and its primary principles.


Dennis Kontorovich

Bain & Company, Associate Consultant

Dennis has been at Bain & Company for 3 years and has specialties in Private Equity, Medical, Agriculture, Performance Improvement, Synergy Realization, and Data Strategy and Operating Model Re-Design.


Eugenio Velasco

BCG, Principal

Eugenio supports clients in achieving their strategic goals, leading projects on Digital HR, HR Excellence, Agile Organization, Strategic Workforce Planning, and Change Management.


Ryan McDuff

Parthenon-EY, Consultant

Ryan operates in EY's strategy and M&A consulting group, providing commercial due diligence and strategic growth consulting services to private equity and Fortune 500 clients

In addition to training, we also recommend these books: