A Team of Individuals.

Our Fellows are both individuals with tremendous autonomy and team members working collaboratively toward delivering an incredible final product.

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Beacon Fellows are selected for being both competent and highly motivated. Therefore, they are entrusted with tremendous responsibility and given immense creative license in how they approach the components of the project they own.

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Fellows enjoy working in comfortable client offices, surrounded by other highly motivated Fellows and client personnel. The atmosphere is focused fun: Fellows laugh and joke, yet always remain intensely geared toward doing their work well and ahead of schedule.

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Each team is comprised of 6-12 Fellows, plus an experienced Consultant, who serves as the Project Lead. Following initial virtual team meeting, the project objectives are divided between Fellows according to a combination of interest, ability, and need.

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Throughout the project, Fellows are exposed to and work on a myriad of the project's facets, thereby expanding their business familiarity and keeping their engagement interest fresh. Every project challenges multiple aspects of the Fellows' knowledge and skills.

Meet some of your potential teammates:


University: Thomas Aquinas College

Major(s): Theology and Philosophy

Minor(s): Math and Science

Year of graduation: 2018

What you're most excited for about the Fellowship: ...to experience the industry with equally motivated peers and experienced professionals

Future professional aspirations: My professional ambitions lie in the realm of business consulting.


University: Central Florida

Major(s): Economics

Minor(s): International Business

Year of graduation: 2020

What you're most excited for about the Fellowship: I am most excited for the skills I will learn and the friends I will make.

Future professional aspirations: ...have secured another high caliber internship preferably in Investment Banking. 


University: Georgetown University

Major(s): Economics and Sociology

Minor(s): None

Year of graduation: 2022

What you're most excited for about the Fellowship: I am excited to gain real-world experience and to see if consulting lines up with my skills and interests.

Future professional aspirations: Hopefully an internship in CitiBank during my sophomore summer.