Beacon is world-class because our Project Leads are world-class.

Great consultants can come from anywhere: McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Deloitte, Accenture, LEK, Parthenon, etc. As such, we hire Project Leads from any number of different firms. What we never compromise on, however, is excellence and the Project Leads commitment to ensuring that the Fellows of whom he/she is in charge have an incredible experience.

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By controlling the Project Lead, we’re able to control our Fellows’ experience in a much more direct and impactful way that conventional internships simply can’t replicate.
— Eric Niehaus, Executive Director // Former Booz Allen, Pentagon
The manager at Beacon, their main job is to ensure you’re learning, whereas the managers at a job like at McKinsey or BCG, their main job is to ensure the wellbeing of the firm.
— Joao P. Toste, Advisor // Stanford MBA, Former McKinsey/BCG

How We're Able to Provide the Best Experience Possible

Every team needs a leader. At Beacon, we make sure that leader is not only incredibly competent, but is also fully dedicated to helping you learn and grow as much as possible.

Unlike at other firms where summer associates are unceremoniously plugged in, doing whatever work is lying around without much mentorship, our focus is 100% on you. By controlling the Project Lead, we can make sure that your experience is personal, tailored, and maximally beneficial. 

Project Lead Profiles


Name: Eric C.

Firm: McKinsey & Company

Sectors: Finance, Construction

Experience: MasterCard


Name: Paloma S.

Firm: Bain & Company

Sectors: Transportation, Logistics

Experience: Namek, MIT


Name: Spencer P.

Firm: Bain & Company

Sectors: Energy, Retail

Experience: GE, Target


Name: Ioanis C.

Firm: McKinsey & Company

Sectors: Transportation

Experience: ALCON, GE

During the project

Of course, most of your interaction with your Project Lead will occur during the 2 or 4 weeks that you're abroad on the Fellowship, during which you'll:

  • Meet daily to discuss your progress on the project

  • Brainstorm different ways to approach your work

  • Talk about the various ideas you've had related to your client

  • Go over consulting best-practices, tips, and tricks of the trade

  • Get to know one another on excursions, at meals, and around housing

After the project


Following the project, many of the Fellows maintain professional relationships with their Project Manager, many of whom have written letters of recommendation, served as references, or else kept in touch.