Manager and Mentor

Every team requires a leader, regardless of how competent its members are. At the Beacon Fellowship, we ensure that that leader has been there and done that.

Every Project Manager at the Beacon Fellowship is an experienced Consultant, who has worked professionally for years. What's more, he or she is a personable, engaging teacher, who is eager to work with and share his or her knowledge with motivated students.

Project Manager Engagement

The Project Manager works with the Fellows throughout the students' entire time with the Fellowship:


Project Manager and the Fellows connect prior to the Launch Date:

  1. Team meeting to meet one the Project Leader, as well as the other teammates, and to go over the client and project.



    The Project Manager is with the Fellows in-person throughout the entire project, and he or she:

    • Ensures that the individual Fellows, as well as the team as a whole, are progressing at the pace necessary to achieve the various set goals
    • Allows each Fellow to have substantial autonomy and responsibility for their work, serving more to advise and guide than to manage details
    • Provides real-time training, insights, and tips and tricks, based on his or her years of professional experience



    Following the project, many of the Fellows maintain professional relationships with their Project Manager, many of whom have written letters of recommendation, served as references, or else kept in touch.