Our mission is to build better businesspeople

Our missions extends well beyond our current product offering. We currently operate business Fellowships, but our mission will bring us much further than only that.

To achieve our mission, we must extend into many other forms of education — interview prep, career planning, business school prep, MBA experiences, post-graduate opportunities, etc.

Our vision is to become the world’s leading non-academic business institution

We want to enable businesspeople to accelerate their learning, growth, and careers. Universities serve a wonderful function. In no way do we compete with their role. Rather, we seek to supplement students’ experiences and augment their professional development.

We envision a time in the next 2-5 years in which hundreds of students will be able to attend a Beacon program, accelerate their careers, and then, as alumni, pay it forward to current Beacon Fellows and the world.

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“We provide world-class programs abroad. But that’s only the beginning.”

Eric Niehaus, Executive Director of Beacon