For students interested in the public sector, the Beacon Government track is a perfect way to gain exposure to the unique operations and challenges of the government sphere while honing valuable consulting skills.

Gain government exposure through public sector consulting

Are you interested in exploring the inner workings of government entities?

Like corporations, government structures are known for being large and bureaucratic; thus, there is ample room for improvement. Through the Beacon Government track, Fellows are fully immersed in the public sector in a consulting capacity. Working alongside an experienced Project Lead, the Fellows tackle a challenge facing their client. Throughout the process, the Project Lead serves as a personalized mentor, guiding Fellows in best practices and developing their consulting skill-sets. As they develop skills like analysis, critical thinking, organization and teamwork, Fellows learn firsthand the ins and outs of working in the government sphere.

By the end of the Fellowship, Fellows present their findings to their government client - an agency, ministry or public university in Madrid or Washington, D.C. Through hard work and focus, they produce amazing results that can significantly impact important processes and functions within government entities. Scroll down to read about one such project at INAP, Spain’s National Institute of Public Administration.

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To maximize learning, I put Fellows in the driver’s seat, pushing them to use their own best thinking to solve our client’s problems. We then walked through their thinking and my thinking side-by-side as a collaborative team so we could all learn from one another. We used many different formats, including whiteboarding sessions, brainstorms, trainings, workshops, and one-on-one coaching to facilitate this learning.
— Daniel Gastfriend, Project Lead, Harvard MBA Candidate, Bain & Co Alum

Dates, Fees & Locations

Beacon is an investment, like other programs of its kind. The returns are both short and long-term: Fellows experience the immediate joy of being abroad and working on a challenging project. Additionally, they can leverage the experience for future internships, graduate school applications and jobs. Fees cover:

  • An experienced Project Lead

  • Housing accommodations

  • Travel health insurance

  • Weekly excursions to cities, incubators, etc.

  • On-site transportation

  • Group breakfasts and some lunches and dinners

The full fee is split into two parts: the $1500 enrollment fee which is paid upfront and reserves a Fellow’s spot, and the remaining program fee. Fellows who pay the total fee upon enrollment will receive a discount of $100, $200 or $400 depending on program length.

Programs run in Madrid or Washington, D.C.

Winter 2019/2020: 1-week sessions | $2,450

  • Session 1: Dec 14 - 23

  • Session 2: Jan 4 - 13

Summer 2020: 4-week sessions | $5,950

  • Session 1: May 24 - Jun 20

  • Session 2: Jun 21 - Jul 18

  • Session 3: July 19 - Aug 15 (D.C. Only)

Summer 2020: 8-week sessions | $9,950

  • Session 1: May 24 - Jul 18


Featured Client: INAP

INAP, the Madrid-based National Institute of Public Administration, is the government organization responsible for training all of Spain's civil servants.

In summer 2019, Beacon Fellows split into teams and tackled three of INAP’s biggest challenges, providing research and recommendations in the following areas:

Education - Seeking to effectively modernize and innovate its training content and approach, INAP recruited Beacon Fellows to research best practices in education and cutting edge education technology.

Innovation Bank - INAP hosts a searchable database where public policies are uploaded. One Beacon team used Google Analytics to track website traffic and researched ways to strengthen the database and increase user numbers. They also created a prototype of their proposed innovation bank to demonstrate their suggested improvements.

Social Network - Although there is a social network designed for Spanish civil servants, few are actually using it. Beacon Fellows worked to uncover the reasons for the low usage and then increase it. This team researched the facets of successful social networks and incorporated these findings in their proposal for making INAP’s platform more useful and user-friendly. Suggested improvements were also communicated through a prototype which the students developed.

"Thank you very much for your great work. Your presentations showed the dedication and effort you made and that, without a doubt, are great contributions for our institute."

Ana Fernandez, Head of Study Center & Knowledge Management, INAP

Alumni Review

We worked with the Spanish government to improve training and education for over 1.5 million civil servants. I was tasked to look into best practices in the private sector to implement and contributed by providing research and case studies. Daniel [the Project Lead] was exceptional and provided us with guidance and mentorship throughout the process. I believe that Daniel, more than anyone or anything, made the experience as amazing as it was.
— Bhoomika Gupta, University of Michigan, Fellow '19