The Beacon Fellowship - Finance Track

Note: The Beacon Finance track is separate from the existing Beacon Fellowship, which focuses primarily on consulting.

What is the Finance track?

The Beacon Finance track is for undergraduates who want to develop the skills for a career in finance. After the program, Fellows will be able to show tangible finance experience that will set them apart when interviewing for future internships/jobs. While they are gaining this knowledge and experience, Fellows will be able to use their free time to explore the culture and cuisine of beautiful Lisbon, Portugal and the surrounding area.

  • Beacon Finance Fellows begin the program with 2 weeks of intense, investment bank-level, financial modeling training from an experienced finance professional.

  • Fellows will also get the chance to work on a real, tangible finance project for a real business client for 4 weeks. They will be mentored and guided by a finance professional with experience at a top global professional services firm.


Why Lisbon?

Lisbon features a combination of rich history, beauty, and booming industry, which is why it hosts the Lisbon Investment Summit and the Web Summit, the world’s largest tech conference. The Guardian describes Lisbon as “a place so beautiful you can’t believe people are using it to live in,” and Entrepreneur Magazine says that “Portugal is the new land of opportunity for tech startups.”

How much does it cost?

The program fee of $4999 covers housing, intense training, dedicated finance mentor, local transportation, travel health insurance, and some meals.

When are the 6-week programs?

19 May - 29 Jun 2019

30 Jun - 10 Aug 2019

What are the next steps?

Applications are rolling. To learn more, please fill out the form below.


" experience at Beacon helped me immensely to develop transferable skills in working with clients, creative problem solving, and being a team member." - Chad V., Luther U. // Beacon Summer '18


" abilities were taken seriously: I had the autonomy to do what I thought was right, and I was able to have the significant impact I always thought I could have." - Olivia J., Samford U. // Beacon, Winter '17


“In short, the experience was highly translatable to business work in a variety of areas, and is THE qualification which I would identify as having set me apart from other applicants for jobs and internships." - Luke C., U. of Notre Dame // Beacon, Winter '17