Beacon is so much more than an internship — it's a Fellowship, a comprehensive business educational experience

To call Beacon an "internship" would be to ignore all its facets that transcend a conventional internship. Beacon is much more than working somewhere 8-5. The experience is much more comprehensive and profound.

The Purpose

Beacon is for undergraduates and graduates who believe they can do more with their summers than make copies or get coffee.

Whether they're interested in commercial businesses, non-profits/NGOs, or governmental entities, Beacon Fellows help make a lasting impact in international organizations.

The Beacon Fellowship is about doing hands-on, autonomous work that actually changes things and makes a difference. Therefore, we consult for organizations that actually need consultation, veering away from large organizations that tend to give only theoretical or relatively inconsequential work.

The Content

The Fellowship is more than a Consulting internship; it's a comprehensive business education program that consists in: 

  1. Traveling to a European city to work on-site on a real-world Consulting project

  2. Working autonomously and with 10-15 similarly smart and driven undergrads

  3. Receiving training and guidance from an experienced professional

  4. Presenting to client leadership and seeing the impact over the months

Consulting: The crossroads of all business skills

Even those who may not want to go into Consulting full-time benefit immensely from consulting experiences, wherein they develop the skills employers want most. Read some of our favorite articles from Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg, Fortune, and others on the skills we develop in our Fellows through the consulting projects.

Read here as to why consulting is the perfect fit for any job.

Problem Solving

Intellectual Curiosity

Independent Thinker




Cultural Competency

360 Degree Thinking