On weekends, project work is put on hold to allow Fellows to go out and enjoy being abroad

What's the point of being abroad if we don't go out and enjoy it?

More than gaining international business experience, Beacon Fellows gain cultural perspective, too. By visiting nearby cities, exploring the host city, speaking with locals, and otherwise immersing themselves in foreign culture, Fellows deepen and broaden their understanding of not only business abroad, but also people, cultures, and lives, too.

On weekends, Fellows enjoy being abroad in two main ways: Saturday excursions and independent time to travel and explore by yourself or with friends.

Independent Free Time

Fellows have free time in the evenings after work and on the weekends. While most Fellows elects to stay in their host city on the weekends and enjoy the local culture and attractions, some Fellows venture out beyond their host city to nearby cities and countries.

Fellows particularly enjoy planning trips together, which is why we aim to have Fellows meet one another prior to the Fellowship and generally live in the same housing.

So as to maximize Fellows' time abroad, Beacon creates numerous options for Fellows to exercise, including the respective activity's location, travel time, cost, and subsequent sub-activities to participate in. Most Fellows use our suggestions, but they're free to create their own adventure.

To the right are some of our favorite pictures from our Fellows' free time:


Saturday Excursions

On Saturdays, the Fellowship takes Fellows on excursions to nearby cities, museums, tours, and much more, all for the purpose of helping Fellows enjoy their time.

Click below to learn more about some common excursions:


Valley of the Fallen

Startup Incubators

Stadium Tour



City Exploration