Summer 2018 Program Dates and Fees

Candidates are to submit their application two months in advance. Exceptions apply.


Summer Dates

Summer 1: May 19 - June 15                           

Summer 2: June 16 - July 13                  

Summer 3: July 14 - August 10

Associated Fees

Enrollment Fee: $700

Program Fee: $3,299

Fee Coverage

What does the associated fees cover?

  • Housing accommodations
  • Pre- and real-time training from Experienced Consultant
  • Planned meals: weekly breakfast, numbered lunches/dinners
  • Travel health insurance through HTH Worldwide
  • Weekly Excursions to cities, startup incubators, etc.
  • On-site transport while in Spain
  • Project/Site Manager
  • Emergency phone


Once candidates have been identified as qualified to attend the Beacon Fellowship, we do all we can to aid in making it financially feasible.

Once admitted, Fellows are given personalized attention from one of our team members around finances, and are given access to years' worth of insights, tips, and tricks around reducing and subsidizing costs.

To start helping you right away, though, click the image to the right to view our Fundraising Packet: