We partner with clients that have challenging, impactful problems to solve and who are highly engaged

Every organization has countless problems it would solve if only it had the resources. This, however, is only a starting point. Beyond that, our clients must be dynamic, engaged, helpful, and enthused.

Oleg Vorontsov  CEO, MedLab Media Group

Oleg Vorontsov

CEO, MedLab Media Group

"The work we asked them to do, to be frank, is of vital importance."

Jose Ignacio  CEO, CODESPA

Jose Ignacio


"...the Fellows were able to...create a strategy that's serving as the basis of our 2018 America strategy."

Jorge Schnura  CEO, source{d}

Jorge Schnura

CEO, source{d}

"They've helped us quantify and develop our strategies."

Clients can be any size and in any industry. Generally, they can come from the following areas:

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For Fellows interested in traditional management and/or strategy consulting, we partner with commercial entities that require consultation across a myriad of areas: strategy, marketing, operations, organization, process improvement, and more. These are our most intensive and popular projects, and Fellows often work more than average.

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Non-Profits / NGOs

For Fellows who are more socially conscious, we offer projects with non-profit organizations. The projects are every bit as challenging and analytical as the commercial projects, yet have the additional element of being for a more service oriented cause.



Governments are known for being large and bureaucratic. Thus, there is ample room for improvement. Whether consulting for the Ministry of the Interior, local governmental entities, or other bodies, Fellows may have the opportunity to fundamentally alter or improve significant facets of international governmental entities.

Click the below to learn about some of the clients we've already worked with:


Smaller companies make for better projects

A majority of the companies we work with are smaller, and with good reason. A smaller client is able to provide a much better experience for Beacon Fellows than a larger corporation for two reasons.

First, smaller clients tend to have more novel consulting projects that are also more meaningful for them. This allows for more interesting and impactful work, ultimately providing a much more educational and edifying experience for you, the Fellow.

Second, smaller clients are able to engage better with Fellows. Fellows will receive guidance throughout their project not only from a dedicated Project Lead, but also from various employees with the client that are directly affected by the project. A larger corporation would be more likely to leave a Beacon consulting team alone and not care that much about the insignificant project that was given to the Fellows.


For case study examples from past projects, click the button below: