Many Clients. Unique Solutions.

The organizations in need of consultation are manifold. Thus, each project is unique, and varies according to the needs of the client. Regardless of the client and their specific problem, however, we approach the projects the same: calmly, rationally, and analytically.

2018 Client Types

For the Summer 2018 programs, we will be consulting for organizations in these sectors:

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Commercial Businesses

For Fellows interested in traditional management consulting, we partner with commercial entities that require consultation across a myriad of areas: strategy, marketing, operations, organization, process improvement, and more.

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Non-Profits / NGOs

For Fellows who are more socially conscious, we offer projects with non-profit organizations. The projects are every bit as challenging and analytical as the commercial projects, yet have the additional element of being for a more service oriented cause.


Governmental Entities

Governmental entities, both large and small, are often so focused on helping those outside themselves that they rarely have the chance to look internally as to how they can improve. Our Fellows help these entities become more efficient, effective, and efficacious.