Marketing Strategy for Spain's 2nd Largest NGO

Below is a case study of the 2017 Winter Sprint Fellowship, which is an accelerated program, in contrast to our 3-week Summer Fellowships. See the bottom for a compilation of pictures.


The Timeline

Thursday, December 14th | Fellows arrive in Madrid, Spain, participate in the Welcome Dinner/Briefing.

Friday, December 15th | Fellows go to CODESPA to meet the clients, get situated, and begin their work.

Saturday - Sunday, December 16th - 17th | Fellows go on Beacon-provided excursion to beautiful Toledo, Spain, and have free time to enjoy Madrid.

Monday - Friday, December 18th - 22nd | Fellows work 40 hour on the project, culminating in their presentation to the Director.

Saturday, December 23rd | Fellows return home.

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The client

In the Winter of 2017, the Beacon Fellowship consulted for CODESPA, Spain's 2nd largest NGO, which focuses primarily on economic and social development in over ten poor and developing countries around the world.

From educating children in rural and vulnerable areas in Colombia to achieving the financial and social independence of women, CODESPA creates opportunities for the disadvantaged to provide for themselves, in order to break free from requiring help from others.


The project

At CODESPA, the Fellows worked on a Marketing Strategy project around how to expand into the American market and increase fundraising.

As U.S. citizens and millennials, the Fellows were uniquely positioned to speak to both American idiosyncrasies, as well as social media marketing, in which the client was inexperienced.

The project consisted in 6 key objectives and numerous sub-objectives, which were divided according to interest, ability, and need, and which took the general form of:

  • Strategizing how, when, and through what mediums to expand and deepen CODESPA's American presence
  • Performing primary and secondary research on outreach, branding, and marketing best-practices
  • Identifying target company donors, based on funding, compatible philosophies, likelihood of attainment, and scope, as well as key persons and organizations of influence
  • Manifest insights into templates, guidelines, and recommendations for increased effective utilization

The Fellows

The team was comprised of five university students from the likes of Notre Dame, Miami University, and more, as well as one graduate.

Each were respective leaders on their campuses and majored in finance, marketing, accounting, operations, and political science. Their goals for their careers ranged from attaining the C-Suite to starting their own ventures.

All owned their respective portions of the project with immense responsibility, executing efficiently and effectively. As part of the team, they were light-hearted and jovial, making for a both productive and enjoyable team experience.

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The project Manager

The project manager came from multiple years in the consulting industry at one of the biggest and best firms.

He provided robust training and insight, based on his experience in the professional world, and continually shared with the Fellows his thoughts, ideas, and perspectives around how to improve their thinking, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The Project Manager spent every hour with the Fellows during the project and ensured that the students were engaged, gaining tangible value, and enjoying their work, even though it was at times, as in real consulting, very challenging.

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The deliverable

The Fellows' work culminated in a 30-page White Paper for the client, which delineated precisely the solutions the client wanted, ordered according to objectives and goals. 

The deliverable was clean, thorough, and easy to navigate. All work was substantiated by data, and the conclusions were logical. What's more, the creative component shined, as the Fellows were able to ideate unique solutions the client hadn't considered, especially around how to best craft a marketing strategy for the United States market.


The result

The team presented their work and recommendations to the client to great effect: the client was so thoroughly impressed with the impact the team was able to have in so relatively short a time that all six Fellows were offered internships on the spot. 

Even more importantly, the solutions and recommendations that the Fellows created are currently serving as the basis of CODESPA's 2018 United States Strategic Plan. Over the next 12 months, the Fellows will receive quarterly updates around the qualitative and quantitative impact their work is having.

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In what seemed a short amount of time, the Fellows were able to understand us and our industry, and create a strategy that’s serving as the basis of our 2018 America strategy. The work they’ve done has already had a significant impact, and we fully expect it to continue doing so.
— José Ignacio González-Aller Gross, Director of CODESPA


The 2017 Winter Sprint Fellowship in Pictures