Work. Lunch. Work. Fun.

Beacon Fellows are adaptable, changing according to the needs of the client and the demands of the project. Therefore, no day is just like the one preceding it.

According to the progress of the project, the Project Manager may determine that extra work needs to get done, meaning that the team will stay later. Other days, he/she may determine that the team can be done early.

That said, the days do follow a similar structure, and Fellows can expect to follow a pattern similar to the following:

Monday - Friday

7:30am: Wake up, prepare for the day, have breakfast provided by the Fellowship

8:30am: Take the metro to client-site

9:00am: Have morning meeting, and set to work

1:00pm: Break for lunch; adjust plan for latter half of day

2:00: Set to work

5:30pm: End-of-day client meeting to discuss work accomplish, adjustments, and tomorrow's plan

6:00pm: Break for the day; Fellows have free time

Saturday - Sunday

On one of these days (or potentially on a Friday), the Fellowship will lead an optional excursion. Excursions will typically last half the day, and may include:

  • Traveling to Toledo, Spain
  • Visiting a startup incubator
  • Exploring local museums and parks
  • Dining at rooftop restaurants

Apart from the excursions, the Fellows enjoy the entire weekend to themselves, and are free to travel, explore, and relax.